Chasen Capital Advisors Can Help

Chasen Capital Advisors provides a full range of advisory services to the hospitality industry including the following:

Pre-acquisition and pre-foreclosure services

Material contract review to determine which are assignable, which survive a change in control or foreclosure, which are terminable, and which enhance or burden operating performance. Material contracts may include employee and union contracts, management contracts and franchise agreements, commercial leases, group bookings, as well as travel related contracts.

Assessing strategic alternatives for taking ownership to maximize performance enhancement opportunities.

Assessing strategic business and marketing plan(s) as well as management’s tactical execution thereof.

Assessing value and capitalization to help client determine whether or not to pursue or proceed with a transaction.

Reviewing business composition and assessing market opportunities to optimize asset performance and value.

Reviewing cost structure and operating efficiencies of all departments.

Evaluating strategic alternatives for food and beverage, including branding, leasing and modification of offerings in order to maximize cash flow.


Check in, customer service and guest feedback.

  •  Management’s variance reporting.
  •  Staffing.
  •  Purchasing and inventory controls.
  •  Cost structure and operating efficiencies of all departments, including rooms, F&B, retail, laundry, sports, membership and ancillary operating departments, as well as non-department unallocated expenses such as energy, corporate overhead, insurance coverage, property taxes and other fixed costs.
  •  Corporate charge-backs – Review Corporate charge backs for consistency and allowance under the Hotel Management, Techinical Services or other agreements.
  •  Vendor approval practices and terms.
  •  Strategic business and marketing plan review and execution
  •  Business composition and market opportunities to optimize asset performance and value.
  •  Strategic alternatives for food and beverage, including branding, leasing and modification of offerings in order to maximize cash flow.


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Our due diligence team is able to quickly assess corporate overhead (on portfolio acquisitions), identify areas for operations improvement, including accounting and finance functions, strategic marketing opportunities, management company effectiveness, ascertaining physical plant requirements, compliance with existing contracts, labor agreements and other legal due diligence. Chasen has in-depth hotel finance expertise, including detailed knowledge of financing structures and how these structures impact and integrate with hotel operations and cash-flow needs. We also review and/or prepare detailed projections and forecasts to help our clients make a fully informed assessment of each opportunity.


Chasen Capital understands that an acquisition is just the beginning of a business opportunity for our clients, and not the end. Our senior professionals provide ongoing strategic oversight, both on-site and off-site, in several capacities, such as;

  • owner’s representative, board member, asset manager and outside consultant.
  • monitor property operations, including management company performance,
  • analyze property reporting, including variances relative to pro forma, provide real time recommendations for property and operational improvements, and provide accurate detailed reporting to principals.
  • Recommendations on key management employees as well as the performance of the existing management company.