As one of the senior team members, Mr. Simon and the team represented several of the mezzanine debt holders in an action against the senior debt holders of this multi-billion dollar resort located in the Bahamas. Mr. Simon led all aspects of determination of the asset’s current as well as long term values. The mezzanine debt holders prevailed in litigation against the senior lender in the restructuring of the capital stack.

The Challenge

As part of this assignment,  our clients were faced with a very aggressive senior debt holder whom was trying to leverage their position to restructure the capital stack in a highly favorable way to their self interest yet which would all but collapse the positions of the junior debt holders underneath the senior tranche

The Solution

We conducted an extensive analysis on the values of the various components of the resort to determine the overall resorts current value and value in the near and long term.  By doing so, we were able to establish that the senior and the sub-debt pieces were all in the money and in a properly re-structured transaction, we show that the junior tranches of debts could be made whole.


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